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FirmWise Design, Hosting & Web Management for Law Firms!

FirmWise is the legal industry's most trusted website service provider, powering law firm web sites, e-blasts, newsletters, blogs, proposals, intranets, extranets, knowledge bases, email signatures and more. CLICK HERE TO GET A FREE ANALYSIS or

Total Control and Amazing Support

FirmWise is a suite of affordable web hosting services designed specifically for law firms of all sizes. With content management systems (CMS) at the core of every marketing initiative (be it a website, proposal or newsletter), your firm gets the power to compete on even footing with firms that have much larger budgets. Our systems can easily be integrated with any firm’s existing web site to enable a firm's administrators to quickly and easily add, modify and delete content via simple web forms and editing tools similar to Microsoft Word. Robust tools like PDF Bio printing, Virtual Business Cards, Trackable Page Sharing and Proposal Generation capabilities make FirmWise the ideal solution for smarter law firms large and small. The FirmWise platform has been built to support a law firm’s ever changing marketing objectives, all with the goal of increasing the bottom line.

But don't take our word for it. See if for yourself.

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You can also read some testimonials from several of our clients.

Firms Need 100% 360° Control!

Powered by the legal industry's only 100% 360° content management systems (CMS), FirmWise is the only platform that can easily be integrated with any firm's web site, old or new.

Regardless of when a firm's site was built, or who built it, FirmWise can put you in full control without dependency on anyone. We'll even help you make updates when you're short on time. Kind of like a digital concierge.

The integration is really simple. Most simple law firm sites can be transferred within a matter of days (sometimes even a few hours - depending on our workload). Too good to be true? We've done it a hundred times!

Keep Your Message Clear

Print Bio to PDF

Your firm's branding and message should be consistent, regardless what medium is used. With FirmWise you can reuse the same source of content in numerous customizable displays and layouts to accommodate a specific format. For example, the same bio content can be used to display appropriately in:

  • a web page
  • a pdf printout
  • a proposal
  • an e-newsletter
  • a forwarded email
  • a pda or smartphone

And by using the tools available to enable your users with collaboration feataures, you will never miss a branding opportunity again.

Like your Designers? Keep 'em!

Designers love FirmWise because of its flexibility and lack of restrictions. So if you ever feel like you need to make a trade off between design and technology, your using the wrong platform. Imagine a more flexible setup that will allow you to use any design or designer that works for your firm, including your current one. The underlying data remains the same, so you can change the design and layout as often as you would like, and at any time. Now isn't that reasonable?

We've all had some bad vendor experiences as well...
The beauty of an open platform like FirmWise is that it doesn't tie you to any vendor for perpetuity. You can use a marketing agency this year, and your brother's sister-in-law the next. Whatever works for you. All that and we save you money? How can you resist?

How hard is your marketing working?

After you spend your time and money building the firm’s website and marketing materials, how can you tell if it’s worth the investment? Who’s finding you and how? Are they lawyers or students? Did they hire you, or someone else? Basic analytics only give you half the story. FirmWise provides smart usage reporting tools to give you more insight into what works, and what doesn't. In addition, we run various A/B tests with your data to determine the highest potential your material can achieve.

You get paid more rapidly when making payments is easy.

Law Firms are always struggling with collections, and it's no wonder that they often don't get paid right when they issue an invoice. Our payment systems integrate with various credit gateways and ACH (bank check) systems to get you paid faster and on your terms.

Furthermore, if you feel like monteizing some of your data, like white-papers, videos, publications or anything else, our collections systems will allow you to do so with little hassle. If you're already accepting credit cards for payment in any form, setup is a breeze, and the minimal cost of setup is a no brainer.

What's so great about FirmWise...

Cloud Hosting

Firms Seek us out because our hosting capabilities far exceed industry standards at a fraction of the cost. Each site we host is replicated in a cloud to make outages a thing of the past. In addition our techs are available 24x7 to help you make updates at no charge.


There are many tools that enable you to update 'parts' of your website, and even then require you to jump through all kinds of hoops. FirmWise is the only tool that gives you TOTAL CONTROL and allows for 360 degree relationship management over any number of data sets.


FirmWise is the only system that allows you to add features over time, either on an ad hoc or scheduled basis using our subscription services. As your marketing initiatives grow we'll work within your budget and on your schedule to maximize the impact.

What our Clients are Saying...

Large Firms

We've worked with all of the firms in legal web desgin. None come close to providing the same level of service. And you'd be hard pressed to find as complete a solution for legal marketing at even three times the cost.

Marisa Gonzales,
100 Attorneys
Orlando, FL

Mid-Size Firms

Our firm struggled with the maintenance of our main web site for a very long time, and could not justify the cost. FirmWise is so simple to use; it enables our staff to manage all of our sites from an intuitive web interface.

Amy Gores,
Marketing Director
55 Attorneys
Madison, WI

Small Firms

I can't express how happy we are that we chose the FirmWise platform for our website and marketing. It's so easy to use and the support is outstanding. It feels good to know we can compete with huge firms within our budget.

Bob Caietti,
Managing Partner
1 Attorney
San Diego, CA


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